"I’ve been suffering with a bad back for over twenty years. I’ve been through the NHS, MRI’s, epidural block injections (three times), physiotherapy (TWICE) I’ve tried swimming, yoga, Pilates, acupuncture and bought untold contraptions. I WAS SICK OF HEARING ‘Strengthen your core’. No one or no thing has ever been able to correctly diagnose what my problem is, or help me be pain free, I’ve lost count of the amount of time off work. My back ‘went’ yet again and I eventually made it to see Daniel. I’m so glad I chose to see Daniel. Straight away he told me what he thought my problem was, and outright told me that my recovery to pain free would take a long time as it had gone on for so long. I’ve been trying to work out why this physiotherapy has worked this time and not previous times, and its because Daniel is a good physiotherapist! He listens, he’s not rushed and could see my fitness level (lack of it) and started with a slow achievable program for MY specific ability, that I could actually stick to, not so hard that I would just give up like the other times, and I could see progress. Not coming from a sporting or very active background, I didn’t feel intimidated and found Daniel very friendly which helps immensely. More problems were pinpointed and for the first time in twenty years I knew WHERE my pain was coming from, which is extremely important when you are in severe pain every day, it helps you come to terms with the diagnosis. I’ve attended Daniels clinic now for three months and although not quite yet pain free, I’m fitter than I have been in years, I can move, walk my dogs, and my pain has gone from 8/10 every day to around 2/10. I don’t need painkillers anymore. It’s like a miracle for me after suffering for so long, and being misdiagnosed by so many so-called pain experts. I feel so lucky to have found the right practitioner for me, and can’t recommend Daniel at the clinic highly enough. Thank you."


– Dee M

"I had a nearly 2 year old ongoing problem in the right side of my neck. I always felt pain and discomfort whenever I was swallowing, sneezing or producing a high pitched voice. I contacted the clinic, and saw Daniel McGookin (still seeing him at the time of review). Someone, who is struggling with anxiety, and not so fond of communicating, I found him very easy going and relaxed, extremely professional and friendly. He straight away identified the reason behind my problem (many doctors failed to do so in the past regarding this issue), and treated me at the clinic, and also gave me exercises for home. Even just after one session I started to feel better, and now after only a few weeks, I seem to be fully recovered, with no pain and discomfort.
I can honestly recommend Daniel and the clinic to everyone who is dealing with any type of muscle pain and needs physiotherapy. He and the clinic are superb."


– Zoltan N

"I was recommended to see Daniel by my GP when I injured my knee and became unable to run. Daniel McGookin handled my case at the clinic and he was fantastic, both in the diagnosis as well as treatment! He taught me some really easy exercises that wouldn't stress my knee out further, and over a few months, helped rehabilitate it back to painlessness :)"


– Kuvanney P

"Daniel McGookin provided really good support throughout the 3 weeks of physio sessions. Great selection of take-home exercises and advice that helped me recover and get back to playing sport a good week before I thought I’d be able to. Would definitely recommend him to anyone who’s looking for top quality treatment."


– Micheal B 

"Would 100% recommend. I have been going to Daniel McGookin for the last 3 month or so with a Quad injury from playing Gaelic Football. From Day 1, he has been amazing. He clearly has alot of experience working with sports people (very stubborn ones like me), and was very focused on getting me back to sports when the time was right. He even geared my physio specifically towards getting back to Gaelic Football, which was amazing and I was really impressed with seeing as its not a locally well-known sport. I felt at ease, and knew that I was in good hands with him. I have recommended him to my teammates, and if (or when, lets be real) I need a physio again in the future, I will 100% be back."


– Rachel C

"I came to see Daniel with lower back pain. The first thing what I appreciated was really easy on-line booking. I couldn’t do better than choosing to see Dan McGookin! I got my first ‘15 min conversation‘ appointment very quickly and there my problem and following treatment was discussed. Daniel is really professional, kind, helpful and friendly. He gave me massages to eliminate the pain and exercises to strengthen my back. Our sessions were full of fun even that massages were painful! He kept me in a positive attitude and he gave me a lot of support which is so important when you are going through any injury and pain. based on my experience I can really recommend the clinic and Daniel to everyone who suffer from back pain. Thank you so much!"


– Andrea S

"I visited Dan McGookin for physio and I highly recommend him. I had pulled a tiny muscle in my lower back that left me extremely limited on movement. Dan helped to restore movement, explained exactly what happened and how to avoid it happening again and also would show me various exercises to help strengthen the area."


– Maria P

"I went to see Dan with an arm/shoulder issue which was bothering me for a few months. After having 6 sessions of physio with Dan, I have seen significant improvement in both my arm and shoulders. Dan is extremely professional, experienced and friendly. I would highly recommend seeing Dan - you will be in good hands!"


– Marissa A 

"I started going to see Dan last year when I discovered I had accessory navicular bone syndrome. I could not walk for longer than ten minutes without having severe foot pain. I went to a number of doctors who did multiple scans and frightened me by saying I would need surgery, but I wanted to try physiotherapy first. Daniel McGookin assessed the problem in just a few minutes and explained how we could fix it. In the last few months, Dan has helped me practice and learn various exercises that have tremendously helped in strengthening the muscles in my feet. I have been able to resume yoga thanks to him. He is highly experienced at what he does and thinks about long-term solutions to a problem. There has been much improvement, and I am very grateful for his help. I hope that I will soon be able to walk long distances with zero pain!"


– Namya R

"Given this was my first major(ish) injury (Ankle sprain and ligament damage), I was unsure what to expect from physiotherapy - safe to say I had an extremely positive experience with Dan. Right from the initial assessment, Dan was very attentive, ensuring that he fully understood the injury that I had sustained, where exactly I had pain and how severe it was. Each visit, you could tell he was genuinely interested in getting me back to full fitness as fast, yet safely, as possible. The prescribed exercises were tailored to my preferences, with Dan demonstrating them in the session, before ensuring I could perform them correctly. When rehab stalled, he adjusted the routine based on my change in exercise levels, to ensure we stayed right on track. Three months later and I've gone from no weight bearing on the ankle, to an hour of badminton & 10k runs with hardly any bother. Thanks for all your hard work, enthusiasm and genuine care Dan, was great to meet you."


– Charlie M

"I had physiotherapy sessions with Daniel McGookin due to sports injury and his treatments were fantastic. He knows what the problem was and carried out appropriate treatment. Definitely recommended!"


– Dean V

"Very effective treatment! I saw Daniel McGookin as I had neck pain and pins and needles along my arm. I saw improvement after the very first session. I would recommend this to anyone in need of Physiotherapy. 5 stars all around!"


– Christelle E

"I fractured my fibula playing football a few years ago, and haven't been able to play properly without pain since. I booked to see Daniel McGookin not thinking there was too much that that could be done, but within a few appointments the old injury is back to full strength. A mixed of first rate knowledge and tailored exercises made for swift progress, being back playing pain free after a couple of months. Very pleased with the results."


– Rob H

"I have been seeing Dan McGookin for about 6 weeks to treat a pulled glute muscle and damaged ITB. He's been great! Dan gave me massages to alleviate the pain and exercises to strengthen the problem areas. He also gave me lots of support and positive encouragement with lots of emails in-between appointments, which helps enormously when one is injured. Looks like he's got me run race fit again. Thanks Dan!"


– Sue P

"​Daniel has been a great help with my lower back pain - I've been to other clinics previously and it took 7-10 sessions to get where I have in 3 with Dan. He keeps everything simple and understandable. Couldn't recommend him enough."


– Adam M

"I saw Daniel McGookin for a knee injury. He was super friendly and helpful, and recommended a very comprehensive exercise regime that changed every week. I was back to running again after far less time than I had imagined."


– Hanna K

"Great service from my physio Daniel McGookin, saw huge improvements from my starting point and provided me with a prevention plan for future. I was also impressed that he was right at the end of an email/phone if I had any questions or issues - fab customer service and would definitely recommend!"


– Alice P

"I have been seeing Daniel for a couple of months now for plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis and the service I have received has been amazing. Daniel is incredibly knowledgeable and professional and my pain has reduced dramatically after only a few sessions. I would recommend Daniel to everyone."


– Jenny C

"Daniel McGookin looked after me when my shoulder had been causing me chronic pain for 6 months. Within 3 weeks the pain had completely subsided and 2 months on I am back to full strength. I cannot recommend Daniel enough - a superb physio."


– Edward C