What to expect in
your physiotherapy 

An initial assessment at Resilient Rehab will involve a comprehensive detailed history of your lifestyle, your current issue, how it is affecting you, and what your specific goals are. Next step is to complete a specialised whole body physical examination which will help us understand what the current issue is, what could be contributing to it and what the next steps in rehabilitation will involve. 

A typical physiotherapy session here at RR will involve some form(s) of treatment (massage, dry needling, myofascial release, device assisted percussion and electrotherapy) in addition to a personalised home exercise programme tailored to your needs. As you get stronger, fitter, more robust and resilient the emphasis will be on increased conditioning work gearing to return to your sport/ activity.


Although we sound very 'sporty and rehab focused' we acknowledge your aim may be to be pain free for work, do the gardening or to play with your grandchildren, and will tailor your rehabilitation programme for this.


Along the rehabilitation process you will be given advice, guidance and the tools empowering you to take care of your own health and know what to do in the future if a similar situation would arise.